Partnering with Orafo Jewels is a promising avenue for entrepreneurs looking to join a thriving network of jewellery enthusiasts. Orafo’s partner program allows individuals to become part of their esteemed network, leveraging the brand’s reputation for high-quality, artistic silver jewelry. You can access a wide range of Orafo’s products, from intricately designed necklaces to elegant rings and bracelets, presenting a diverse portfolio to meet the varied tastes of customers.
When you partner with Orafo Jewels, you become part of an exclusive network of jewellery specialists and entrepreneurs, sharing in the brand’s commitment to excellence. Orafo offers comprehensive support, including training and marketing assistance, empowering partners to successfully expand their businesses and reach customers worldwide.

  • Zero Investment Zero Risk.
  • Authorised brand representation in the designated area
  • 3 years official agreement with all term
  • The reseller information published in all the communications and platforms of the brand
  • Complete support of sales and marketing from the brand management
  • Facilitation of selling brand products on both online and offline
  • Exclusive domain link and dashboard to each reseller
  • Access to the entire product range of the brand
  • Stock and sale options are also available
  • Company support of stock and sales for exhibitions in designated area

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