Our Story

Crafting Elegance, Weaving Dreams

Established in 2018 in Hyderabad, Orafo Jewels specializes in precious jewelry that can be available to people belonging to all walks of life. Orafo Jewels deals in 92.5 sterling silver to create masterpieces in jewellery that can be adorned and appreciated by women and men.

Our goal at Orafo Jewels is to create a niche brand wherein we can develop and market trending and affordable precious jewellery which can offer as an alternative to the soaring gold prices. With our persistent dedication and trending designs, Orafo Jewels have successfully expanded to 4 new branches in Hyderabad.

Our Mission

An unwavering commitment to provide exquisite and accessible jewellery and gift offerings that cater to the unique tastes and financial considerations of each individual. We meticulously craft desires, elevating the global delight of our cherished clientele.

Our Vision

Crafting a distinguished brand, originating in the heart of Hyderabad and destined for global prominence. We pledge to deliver both tangible and intangible treasures, evoking priceless emotions of joy and enchantment for jewellery enthusiasts around the globe.


As we continue our journey, our commitment to our goals remains unwavering. Orafo Jewels strives to redefine elegance, to capture fleeting moments in timeless pieces and to inspire a world that values the art of adorning life. Join us in this odyssey of grace, as we look forward to crafting more chapters in the ever-evolving story of elegance and beauty with 92.5 Sterling Silver and our consistent innovations.

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